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Wednesday, March 24, 2004
3/11 Revisited  

Jose Maria Aznar, the prime minister of Spain soon to be replaced by Socialist Jose-Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, documents the events in Spain from the 3/11 bombing up to the election. Mr. Aznar is no Neville Chamberland; he understands the threat the free world faces. Spain, Europe, the United States and all democracies will miss his leadership.

"If we want to stop terrorists from murdering us and from dictating how we lead our lives, we must confront them. Some think the solution is to sue for peace, to negotiate with terrorists so that they might go and kill elsewhere. But that way is unacceptable to me and to millions of Spaniards. Terrorism deserves only to be defeated. This is the debt we owe to the victims of the attacks, and to the society that mourns them."
Posted by bill roggio @ 3:34 PM