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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Joshua Rubensein succinctly documents Nazi Germany’s path to the Final Solution, the master plan to eradicate all Jews from Europe. The Nazis had always planned to rid themselves of the Jews, but there was much discussion on the best way to make this happen:

As Christopher Browning explains in his superb "The Origins of the Final Solution": "The commitment to some kind of final solution to the Jewish question had been inherent in Nazi ideology from the beginning. Thus Nazi Jewish policy . . . first envisaged a judenfrei Germany through emigration and then a judenfrei Europe through expulsion."

Looking through the vast documentation that the meticulous Germans left behind, Christopher Browning draws the following conclusion:

…..the Final Solution evolved until it "could evolve no further in concept. It remained only to be implemented through action.

The Final Solution is the direct result of the failure of looking away from the face of evil; the result of refusing to make hard choices.

We must not repeat the mistakes made prior to World War II. Wahhabi and Salafi Islamist ideologies must never be allowed to evolve to the point where it can only be implemented through action.

Posted by bill roggio @ 10:38 AM