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Sunday, March 21, 2004

This blog will use historical examples to help explain the War on Terror.

While belittled by many on the left, the WoT is real. The nexus of terrorist organizations, states that condone or sponsor terrorism, and the distribution network of weapons of mass destruction is the greatest threat our nation has faced in its history.

Some argue the Soviet Union was a greater threat. But the Soviets were rational actors on the world stage, and understood the limitations of the use of it power. It possessed an arsenal of weapons that could have easily destroyed the free world, but chose not to use it. When the Soviet Empire collapsed, it had the grace to go quietly.

Our terrorist enemies know no such restraint. Does anyone believe that if al Qaeda possessed WMD and means to deploy these weapons against the United States, they would restrain themselves? Our enemy is not interested in peaceful coexistence, negotiation or dialogue. They are interested in one thing only: the destruction of our way of life.

If terrorism is allowed to become a common experience in this country, our civil liberties, trust in government and very lives will be threatened.

We must have the courage to fight this war, so that our children will not have to grow up living in fear. We must not cower when confronted with terrorism. It is imperative that we stand and fight. Appeasement does not satisfy an aggressor, it exposes weakness and invites more demands.

First item on the agenda: Appeasement
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