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Wednesday, April 07, 2004
I Believe The Children Are Our Future Bombs (But Not My Children) 

The leaders of Palestinian terrorist organizations are willing to recruit any child to die for the cause. Even prepubescent and mentally ill children are given the chance martyr themselves. Make that almost any child, as the leaders' own children have not been asked to make the ultimate sacrifice. Why? Let's see what the late leader of Hamas, Sheik Yassin, had to say.

''We don't choose martyrs to die; Allah chooses them. So far, he hasn't chosen any of my children.''

There's always tomorrow, Mr. Yassin. As recent events have shown, you never know when Allah will come a knockin'.

What does new Hamas chief Abdel Aziz Rantisi and his wife think about asking the chillins to strap on a freedom belt?

[Rantisi], then the group's spokesman, told Victor that he wouldn't object if one of his children were selected. However, on an audiotape that she says was discovered in the rubble of Jenin in 2002, Rantisi's wife reacted violently, warning, ''over my dead body,'' will she ever ``let one of my sons blow himself up.''

Perhaps they should get counseling to work this out. Over her dead body? That's a great idea. Other children's dead bodies do not seem to bother her; she has profitted greatly from the immoliation of Israeli children at the hands of Palestinian children sent by her pediatrician husband. Come to think of it, throw in Mr. Rantisi's dead body and you've got a deal.

Where are these un-chosen children these days?

To escape trauma and danger, their children, along with those of most Hamas honchos, were safely dispatched long ago to the United States, Europe or Arab countries.

Their own children living among the Infidel? The horror. The horror. How about the leaders whose children
couldn't escape to live with the Great Satan and the not-so-great Satans?

Marwan Barghouti of the rival Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade isn't so lucky. His offspring remain in the combat zone. Victor asserts that after Barghouti was arrested by Israeli agents, he instructed his lawyer to ``tell my wife to watch our sons and daughters so they don't go on a suicide operation.''

Now that's commitment. The willingness to pay any price for victory is inspiring.

This looks like a classic labor dispute, with the un-chosen children being denied their afterlife virgin benefits by Big Terror. It appears the Palestinian terrorist are not advocates of equal opportunity suicide bombers. Depriving their own children of their right to 72 virgins is highly unfair, and everyone involved with these discriminatory practices should be reprimanded. Think of how their poor children will be humiliated in the afterlife, forced to look upon the heroes and martyrs of Palestine in envy. Perhaps this may become a root cause of terrorism in the afterlife...........

Posted by bill roggio @ 12:39 AM