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Friday, April 16, 2004
Peace Offerings 

Osama bin Laden's latest audio tape (can't he afford a video camera?) offers peace and goodwill to any nation that wishes to lay down their arms and subjugate itself to radical Islam. Al Qaeda's psychological operations are in full force in this latest attempt to fracture America and Israel from the rest of the Western nations.

"[I]n order to thwart opportunities for the merchants of war, and in response to the positive developments that were expressed in recent events and in the public opinion polls, which determined that most European peoples want peace, I urge ... the establishment of a permanent commission to nurture awareness among Europeans regarding the justness of our causes, particularly the cause of Palestine, and that use be made of the vast media resources to this end."

Positive developments? You mean the murder of 191 innocents in Madrid? Osama follows the polls now? What's next, focus group? Town hall meetings? He has said the magic word to the Europeans: establishment of a permanent commission. How beautiful the siren call of permanent commissions must sound. Concerning the justness of the cause of Palestine, Europe and Osama are in total agreement, so why even bother mentioning it?

"I hereby offer them a peace treaty, the essence of which is our commitment to halt actions against any country that commits itself to refraining from attacking Muslims or intervening in their affairs, including the American conspiracy against the larger Islamic world."

If I were a European head of state, I would want the details on the "intervening in their [Muslim's] affairs" part of the agreement. I suspect there is plenty of room for interpretation: trade, Muslims in country, television and radio programming, music, freedom of religion…

"This peace treaty can be renewed at the end of the term of a government and the rise of another, with the agreement of both sides."

Spain's timing is impeccable. Didn't Osama just cause a change of government over there?

"The peace treaty will be in force upon the exit of the last soldier of any given [European] country from our land."

Does that include al-Andulus? Will Spain have to withdraw its soldiers from its own territory? Better read the fine print.

"The door of peace will remain open for three months from the broadcast of this statement. Whoever rejects the peace and wants war should know that we are the men [of war], and whoever wants a peace treaty and signs it, we hereby allow this peace treaty with him."

If there are no European takers after three months, they are automatically at war with al Qaeda? Osama really should leave some wiggle room for surrender, he would not want to take away certain European nations' foreign policy ace in the hole.

"Stop shedding our blood in order to protect your own blood."

Translation: Just let us kill you; it's easier for both of us this way.

"The solution to this easy-difficult equation is in your own hands. You should know that the longer you delay, the worse the situation will become, and when that happens, do not blame us, blame yourselves..."

Always blaming the victim.

"As for those who lie to people and say that we hate freedom and kill for the sake of killing - reality proves that we are the speakers of truth and they lie, because the killing of the Russians took place only after their invasion of Afghanistan and Chechnya; the killing of the Europeans took place only after the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan; the killing of the Americans in the Battle of New York took place only after their support for the Jews in Palestine and their invasion of the Arabian Peninsula; their killing in Somalia happened only after Operation Restore Hope. We restored [i.e. repelled] them without hope, by the grace of Allah."

Any rational person can see that slamming aircraft into buildings, asking children to detonate themselves among civilians and using women and children as human shields for the sake of jihad is a perfectly reasonable response to political grievances. How can you argue with this logic?

In Europe's defense, the reaction to Osama's offer of peace was overwhelmingly negative. Europe should be commended for not falling for such a craven attempt to divide America from its allies. Perhaps this will wake up the nations which are unwilling to recognize they are targets of Islamic terror, whether they participate in the war or not. This is highly unlikely, as the 3/11 attacks in Madrid have demonstrated, be we can always hope.

Spain, on the other hand, appears to be leaving its options open:

Spain's incoming foreign minister, Miguel Angel Moratinos, told his nation's parliament that "we don't have to listen to or answer" the tape.

Spain executes the classic ostrich maneuver, otherwise known as the three monkeys gambit. Perhaps they should look North and ask Belgium and Holland how well that worked for them at the opening of WWII.

Posted by bill roggio @ 12:37 AM