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Thursday, April 15, 2004
Speaking Like the Enemy 

Can you tell which statements a leader of a terrorist group made and which statements a United States Senator made? The answers are given below.

1. “You are being enslaved by those who have the most money, the most influential ones, and those who have the strongest news media, particularly the Jews, who are dragging you behind them under the trick of democracy in order to support the Israelis and their schemes and hostility to our religion and at the expense of our blood and land, as well as at the expense of your blood and economy.”

2. "There was no imminent threat. This was made up in Texas, announced in January to the Republican leadership that [the war] was going to take place and was going to be good politically. This whole thing was a fraud."

3. “I tell Bush that appealing for help from the world around you and begging for mercenary soldiers from everywhere, even from the small countries, has shattered your pride, insulted your prestige, and exposed your powerlessness after you used to defend the world in its entirety.”

4. "My belief is this money is being shuffled all around to these political leaders in all parts of the world, bribing them to send in troops”.

5. “They did not care about you, went behind your backs, invaded Iraq once again, and lied to you and the whole world.”

6. “This gang is a huge evil on all humanity, its blood, money, environment, and morality. They came to deal strong and consecutive blows to honesty that is the basis of morality, each from the position he holds, until they professionally rendered it dead before the world.”

7. "This is the pattern and the record of the Bush administration [on] Iraq, jobs, Medicare, schools, issue after issue -- mislead, deceive, make up the needed facts, smear the character of any critics…..Again and again, we see this cynical, despicable strategy playing out."

8. "[President Bush] has broken the basic bond of trust with the American people. He's the problem, not the solution. Iraq is George Bush's Vietnam, and this country needs a new president."

9. "This war makes millions of dollars for big corporations, either weapons manufacturers or those working in the reconstruction [of Iraq], such as Halliburton and its sister companies..."

Answers 1, 3, 5, 6 & 9 - Osama bin Laden, Leader of al Qaeda
Answers 2, 4, 7 & 8- Senator Edward Kennedy, Massachusetts

When American politicians criticize the motivations of the Bush Administration, they should be careful in how they voice their opposition. One major tactic of terror organizations is manipulation of the media to spread its message and sow confusion and dissent within their enemy’s ranks. It is clear al Qaeda has been monitoring the public statements by American opponents of the war, and using this to create a divide among the American public. Some of the statements between Osama bin Laden and Senator Kennedy are indistinguishable, and some of the statements by Senator Kennedy were made after bin Laden's speech (7 & 8). Constructive dissent does not include rhetoric that supports the goals of the enemy, including discrediting American policy and leadership within the world community. Senator Kennedy's rhetoric can impact America's ability to successfully prosecute the war by weakening American resolve to fight. As a senior U.S. Senator and leader of the Democrat party, he should take care when making such inflammatory accusations so as not to sound so much like our enemy.

Read Osama's Speech and Senator Kennedy’s Statements.

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