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Friday, April 02, 2004
The Wane in Spain 

As stated here at the fourth rail:

The peace in Spain will be temporary; al Qaeda will be back with more demands.

It seems terrorist are a very impatient breed; they cannot wait four weeks between attacks on a nation that has already surrendered.

A bomb found under high-speed rail tracks in Spain appears to be made of the same explosives used in last month's deadly Madrid train attacks, Interior Minister Angel Acebes said. [Friday, April 2, 2004]

How's that appeasement thing working out?

Update: April 3, 2004

It obviously isn't going well. Another explosion in the suburbs of Madrid. Perhaps Spain should consider surrendering. After appeasing the Nazis for all of those years, France finally surrendered. Why waste all of this precious time?

Posted by bill roggio @ 11:04 PM