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Friday, April 23, 2004
Withdrawal Syndrome, American Style 

Ralph Nader, independent candidate for President of the United States, supports a complete withdrawal of American troops from Iraq. While making the case for the reasons the US should withdraw from Iraq, Mr. Nader makes the following statement:

Announcing a definite withdrawal and ending the U.S. corporate takeover of the Iraqi economy and oil will separate mainstream Iraqis from the insurgents and give the vast majority of people there a stake in replacing the occupation with independence.

He truly believes the invasion of Iraq was purely a corporate takeover of Iraq. And a small but vocal minority of Americans believes this as well.

His three point plan to withdraw from Iraq is as follows:

1) Develop an appropriate peacekeeping force under United Nations auspices from neutral nations with such experience and from Islamic countries.

The U.N. myth lives on. It has no interest in restoring Iraq as a democratic nation, nor is it willing to make the commitment to do the dirty work. The U.N. propped up Saddam Hussein for 12 years, and is complicit in the murder of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and the looting of the Oil for Food program. Advocating Islamic nations to act as peacekeepers is the death of Iraqi freedom. These Islamic countries are threatened by a democratic nation on their borders, as democracy exposes their corrupt regimes for what they are.

2) Free and fair elections should be held as soon as possible under international supervision so democratic self-rule can be put in place in Iraq and allow Iraq to provide for its own security.

How this will be accomplished by the withdrawal of American troops is not explained, as elections are not possible under the current atmosphere of violence. The phantom U.N. peacekeepers are known to cut and run at the first sign of danger, and cannot be relied upon to provide the necessary security for an election.

3) The U.S. and others should provide interim humanitarian aid to Iraq. Economic sanctions and war have caused tremendous damage to the people, their children and the Iraqi infrastructure.

Note to Mr. Nader: the U.S. and coalition are currently providing humanitarian aid to Iraq. The interesting thing about this quote is his implication that America is responsible for the current state of Iraq, as he directly references economic sanctions. The fact is Saddam Hussein is responsible for the current state of affairs in Iraq, not America.

Mr. Nader’s willingness to fault America for the problems facing Iraq, and all of the ills of the world, is startling. He has become the de facto antiwar candidate for president, and will siphon votes from Senator Kerry, as Senator Kerry’s position on Iraq pleases neither antiwar Americans nor those who see Iraq as crucial in the War on Terror. It is sad that a noticeable percentage of Americans are willing to believe the very worst of this country and its motivations. Mr. Nader is their standard bearer.

Posted by bill roggio @ 12:12 PM