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Thursday, May 13, 2004
The Full Zarqawi 

Abu Musab Zarqawi, the head of Ansar al-Islam, an Iraqi based terrorist group with direct links to al Qaeda, is the focus of much attention due to his latest act of depravity. Matthew Levitt of the National Review and Dan Darling of Regnum Crucis provide excellent background information and document Zarqawi's connections to the terrorist groups al Qaeda, Tawhid (Europe), Jund al-Shams (Syria/Jordan), Ansar al-Islam (Iraq), and Hezbollah (Iran/Syria). Zarqawi ran al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan, has been linked to the Millennium Plot, attempted chemical and biological attacks in France and England, the murder of USAID employee Laurence Foley, the attack on the United Nations and International Red Cross headquarters in Baghdad, the bombing of the Jordanian Embassy in Baghdad, an attempted WMD attack in Jordan last month, and his latest act of depravity, the murder and beheading of Nick Berg.

Zarqawi's Ansar al-Islam, like Abu Sayyef in the Philippines, Jemaah Islamiah in Indonesia, and numerous other regional terror organizations, have received training, funding and support from al Qaeda in return for their cooperation. These groups are the equivalent of the local affiliates of al Qaeda. Evidence of Zarqawi's pledge of fealty to al Qaeda was unearthed earlier this year, in a letter to al Qaeda's leadership, where he discusses the options for jihad in Iraq:

You, gracious brothers, are the leaders, guides, and symbolic figures of jihad and battle. We do not see ourselves as fit to challenge you, and we have never striven to achieve glory for ourselves. All that we hope is that we will be the spearhead, the enabling vanguard, and the bridge on which the [Islamic] nation crosses over to the victory that is promised and the tomorrow to which we aspire. This is our vision, and we have explained it. This is our path, and we have made it clear. If you agree with us on it, if you adopt it as a program and road, and if you are convinced of the idea of fighting the sects of apostasy [Americans, Shiites, Kurds], we will be your readied soldiers, working under your banner, complying with your orders, and indeed swearing fealty to you publicly and in the news media, vexing the infidels and gladdening those who preach the oneness of God. On that day, the believers will rejoice in God’s victory. If things appear otherwise to you, we are brothers, and the disagreement will not spoil [our] friendship. [This is] a cause [in which] we are cooperating for the good and supporting jihad.

It is important to remember the relationship between Zarqawi, Iraq, Ansar al-Islam and al Qaeda when considering the justifications for the Iraq war. Iraq's links with terrorism is a case that has been downplayed, overlooked or dismissed by the mainstream media. Zarqawi is known to be operating within Iraq and has plotted and executed attacks on American soldiers. The latest intelligence states he was operating in Fallujah and using the city as a safe haven. He is now considered a high value target, as the reward for his capture or death has been raised to $25 million, the amount offered for Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, Ayman al Zawahiri and Saif al-Adil. Zarqawi's ability to deliver violence and terror has earned him a high place on the list of most wanted terrorists.

The fourth rail wishes American soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and special operators happy hunting.

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