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Friday, May 21, 2004

Please welcome Daniel Drummond to the fourth rail, he will be the guest blogger for the next several days. His first article posted today, 'The Gordian Lawsuit' covers the detention of al Qaeda fighters at Guantanamo Bay. Let Daniel know what you think in the comments section.

I will be out of town until Tuesday, attending a wedding in the Florida Keys. A much needed mini-vacation. For those who cannot get enough of politicians with foot-in-mouth disease, I posted an article late last night fisking Senator Fritz Hollings' recent op-ed on the War on Terror.

Also, the pictures on this site are not loading because I had to upgrade the hosting service due to the high amount of traffic encountered this week. Once the new service migrates (Monday at the latest they say) you should be able to load the site as it was. Many thanks to Instapundit, Betsy Newmark, Spoons, Brian Scott and all of the bloggers that linked to me this week.

Have a great weekend and we'll meet again next week.


Posted by bill roggio @ 10:16 AM