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Thursday, May 27, 2004

The Nation reports on the beautiful, wonderful and exciting new venture between a radical left-wing political organization and an over-commercialized musical festival – the marriage between MoveOn and Lollapalooza. MoveOn is the organization created to defend President Clinton during the Monica Lewinski scandal (its message to America was "Censure President Clinton and Move On to Pressing Issues Facing the Nation") and currently features a photo of a shrouded Statue of Liberty which is used in a petition to fire Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and a petition to censure President Bush "for misleading the country about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction." The Lollapalooza tour began in 1991 and "throughout its nine year history, Lollapalooza has always been about more than just music. The festival is devoted to introducing concertgoers to unconventional notions of art, technology, and culture, as well as exposing them to an assortment of ideas and philosophies, ranging from expanding environmental consciousness and encouraging political activism." Note to Lollapalooza: if you have been around since 1991, that would mean you have a thirteen year history. Somehow I get the feeling conservative voices are not entertained at these events. This is what The Nation has to say about this union:

Lollapalooza is going political. Through a new partnership with MoveOn.Org, tour organizers hope to politically mobilize the young and the hip en masse as they rock out in outdoor venues across the country this summer.

Even our youth is not safe from the political mind-rays of the Left. MoveOn has plans, big plans, and wants to energize the youth of America. This is what they hope to accomplish:

As the two-day festival tours, a MoveOn tent will travel and distribute literature on "RS" [Revolution Solution] issues, including: renewable energy and the environment, free speech and media deregulation, trade policy and voting rights. Activists will conduct onsite voter registration drives, and street teams will infiltrate the crowd to chat folks up on the issues. Move.On will also run a "Real World"- style video booth where concertgoers can film their own political commentary while asking issue-related questions.

If you follow Lollapalooza's Revolution Solution link, you can see what they have to say about MoveOn:

A non-partisan political campaign – in partnership with the influential grassroots political network, MoveOn.org – the Revolution Solution challenges Americans young and old to take charge of their own future through vigorous, well-informed involvement in the political process.

You will also see this "non-partisan" cartoon:

Now that's non-partisan. I can see the joy in the eyes of America's adolescents as MoveOn's activists approach. The same joy you feel when the lady with the clipboard, begging you to complete a survey, accosts you at the mall. And what else is in store for those attending the concert?

Additionally, MoveOn will place huge media screens next to the main stage at select shows. Between musical sets, issue-oriented videos will air, featuring well-known thinkers, celebrities and some regular folks speaking about issues important to them. Additionally, MoveOn will arrange for well-known political speakers to briefly take the stage to discuss a chosen issue before the main act, which he or she will then introduce. Picture Al Gore chatting up the crowd about environmental issues and then introducing the Pixies. It's weird, but kind of cool, and will definitely get people talking.

Weird and kind of cool indeed. I can think of nothing teenagers would enjoy more than having their favorite bands being introduced by politicians as exciting and dynamic as Al Gore. Can you? This is exactly what every rock 'n roller dreams of: Sex, drugs, and The Creator of the Internet.

The tour will practice what it will preach. Lollapalooza's third performance stage (there are three total, which combined will feature thirty-odd bands at each event) will run entirely on solar energy throughout the tour. Additionally, the entire two days of performances in New York City on Randall's Island will be run "off the grid." Through a combination of solar, biodiesel and hydrogen fuel cells, the show will be produced without the use of any petroleum products whatsoever.

Will the band members practice this as well? I suspect the limos, private jets and other accoutrements the stars depend on will be exempt from the green policies. And have no doubt, the petroleum grid will be ready to go if the clouds roll in and the biodiesel generator chokes on its granola fuel. It'll be good old Big Oil to the rescue.

Can you smell the excitement? Get your tickets now!

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