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Friday, May 14, 2004
Remains to be Seen  

While the Abu Ghraib prison scandal continues to dominate the headlines, our enemy continues to show exactly who they are what they stand for. The mutilation of American contractors in Fallujah, the beheading of Nick Berg by Ansar al-Islam, and the display of dead Israeli soldiers remains by Palestinian terrorists demonstrates the depravity of our enemy and their absolute disregard for the dignity of the dead.

Hamas militants triumphantly displayed remains of some of the six Israeli soldiers killed in a roadside bombing in Gaza City on Tuesday, prompting Israeli threats of punishing reprisals if body parts are not returned.

Disrespect for the bodies of the dead is inhuman. Liberals, human rights activists and the Arab and Western media must be up in arms over the treatment of the remains of the Israeli solders, right? The demands for an apology from Arafat are pouring in, I'm sure. And the demands for the immediate resignation of the Palestinian chief of security have to be deafening. Hello? Is there anyone out there?

Al-Jazeera, an Arabic-language TV channel, broadcast a video it said showed two masked Islamic Jihad activists taking responsibility and displaying what they said was the head of an Israeli soldier on a table in front of them.

It must be sweeps week in the Middle East. If there is an act that symbolizes barbarism more than the public display of the heads of your victims, please feel free to share. I'm sure the 'militants' would place the bodies on pikes along the roadside, ala Vlad the Impaler, if they could get away with it.

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat convened his security council in the West Bank city of Ramallah and issued a statement saying the Palestinian Authority was in touch with "our brothers in Gaza" to solve the problem of the body parts "according to religious and humanitarian traditions."

President Arafat must be devastated and anguished over the actions of a few, rogue Palestinian 'militants' who in no way represent the brave and noble Palestinian 'militants' serving honorably in Gaza. If there ever was the case of corruption and sponsorship of brutality that originated at the top of the chain of command, this is it. Where is Ted Kennedy when you need him, voicing moral outrage over the complicity of President Arafat, the most frequented visitor to the White House under President Clinton? As an aside, let's take a moment to decipher the language in the prior paragraph:

- Yasser Arafat's security council = the leaders of Arafat's group of warlords, local thugs and terrorists
- our brothers in Gaza = the terrorists Arafat has sponsored and encouraged
- solve the problem = commend terrorists on the glorious display of mutilated Israelis
- humanitarian traditions = (1) the use of suicide bombs outfitted with nails, razors and rat poison, (2) strapping suicide belts to children

Hamas militants displayed pieces of metal and bits of flesh, laying them out on the ground. In another scene, a Hamas gunman on a motorcycle held a bloodied burlap bag with body parts. Hamas claimed responsibility for the roadside bomb, but two other militant groups, the Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades linked to Arafat's Fatah movement and Islamic Jihad, said they also had some of the remains. They offered to negotiate with Israel.

Saying Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades is 'linked' to Arafat's Fatah movement is like saying the Department of Defense is linked to the U.S. government. Again, the need to interpret PC-speak exists:

- Hamas militants = Hamas terrorists
- militant groups = terrorist organizations
- Hamas gunman = Hamas terrorist
- negotiate = (1) demand Israel's surrender, (2) drive Israel into the sea, (3) exterminate Jews, (4) unleash terror on women and children in buses, cafes, etc.

The attempts to equate the criminal actions of renegade American soldiers with the barbaric acts of terrorists condoned by their leaders are curious. The actions of Islamic terrorists do not justify the actions of rogue American soldiers in Abu Ghraib, but the reactions of individuals, governments and the media in this case is unbalanced in light of the crimes committed by the terrorists. How can they harp on the actions of Americans, who will be prosecuted, while remaining silent on the inhuman crimes of terrorists which are sanctioned by their supporters?

Posted by bill roggio @ 12:29 AM