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Wednesday, June 30, 2004
A Correction to "The Poll Vault"  

Ever discover that something you had heard for years was wrong? I just did, and what's worse, it showed up in my last post.

In "The Poll Vault", I stated that voter registration was averaging around 70% of the eligible population, and that actual voting was around 60% of the registered voters. That is not correct, actually.

I was reading through the Census Bureau's demographics of the 2000 Federal Election, when I finally caught my mistake.

What makes the difference is a statistical oddity. There is the General Population, then what the Government calls the Voting Age Population (VAP), or adult citizens in the US who are at least 18 years old. According to the Census Bureau, roughly 70% of the VAP is registered to vote, so in 2000 there was a VAP of roughly 183.5 million people, of which 129 million were registered to vote. Since roughly 110 million people voted in the 2000 Federal Election, that works out to 59.94% voters in the VAP, but 85.27% of the Registered voters.

I apologize for the error. It does not change the basic impetus of my post, except to balance better the respondents' demographics, and to emphasize the significance of the GOTV effort for each party this fall.

Posted by DJ Drummond @ 11:44 AM