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Friday, June 25, 2004
A "friendly and good man" 

One of Abu-Musab al-Zarqawi's two wives states that her husband is kind and caring, and is not really the international man of terrorism the media depicts him to be, or the vicious killer he plays on tape.

"There's no way that my husband could be a terrorist. He is friendly and a good man. He would not recommend the killings of children, women and elderly people as they're trying to portray him," she said at the family's home in Zarqa, near the Jordanian capital Amman.

His wife said she has not heard from her husband since he left Jordan for Afghanistan in 1999.
We all know why Zarqawi was in Afghanistan: the world-renowned tourism, fine dining and the beautiful ladies in burqas (why just stop at two wives?). Come to think of it, wasn't someone else in Afghanistan during the same time? But of course there are no links between these two.....

Let's see what this "friendly and good man" has been up to lately. Like most friendly, good men, in the past several months Zarqawi has planned a chemical attack in Jordan, murdered hundreds of religious pilgrims in Iraqi holy cities, orchestrated the Madrid railway bombings, performed two beheadings, wrote to his pen-pals in al Qaeda to discuss strategy to foment civil war in Iraq between Sunnis and Shias, threatened to assassinate Iraq's new Prime Minister Iyad Allawi and has claimed responsibility for numerous other attacks within Iraq and elsewhere. For his latest act of kindness, Zarqawi has incited the latest round of violence in Iraq that has killed over 100 people and wounded hundreds more. Mrs. Zarqawi (#2) does not know her husband very well, perhaps he has changed since the five years she last saw him.

Al Qaeda's full court press is now on. The violence will only increase in the next week as Iraq comes closer to the transfer to full sovereignty. And the violence will not end there as the likes of Zarqawi will continue to work to destroy any chance of free government in Iraq. The United States and Iraqi military and security services must use all means necessary to capture or kill Abu-Musab al-Zarqawi and his minions. Al Qaeda is in the death throws for the battle of Iraq; the only way al Qaeda can win is to destroy the will of the coalition. The American public must stand firm in the upcoming months and make the sacrifices required to bring peace to Iraq. Our safety will not be obtained by fleeing the battlefields of the Middle East; safety can only be obtained by destroying the Middle East status quo that bred the likes of al Qaeda.

Posted by bill roggio @ 12:15 AM