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Wednesday, June 23, 2004
Unspeakable Crimes 

Sincerest condolences to the family of Kim Sun-il.

South Korean Kim Sun-il has been beheaded by terrorists in Iraq. As a final act of disgrace, Kim's body was booby trapped in an attempt to kill those who discovered his body.

U.S. soldiers on a routine patrol found the body of the man, Kim Sun-il, 33, between Baghdad and Fallujah, 22 miles west of the capital, about noon (4 a.m. ET), military officials told NBC News. They said that Kim's body was booby-trapped with explosives but that the explosives did not go off.
The conditions of Kim's release were simple: the cancellation of a deployment of 3,000 South Korean soldiers to Iraq and the withdrawal of the 600 military medics and engineers already in country. This deployment would make South Korea the third largest partner in the coalition behind the United States and Britain. Unlike Spain, they did not bend to the will of terrorists. The South Korean government refused demands to halt the deployment or remove the existing soldiers and Kim was executed shortly thereafter. The Korean government should be commended for not giving into the demands of terrorists and reaffirming their commitment to assisting with the stability of Iraq. As there is a significant anti-war sentiment from both the South Korean public and members of President Roh's party, the decision to continue with the troop deployment is an act of political and moral courage.

The suspected murderer of Kim is none other than Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the same animal that beheaded Nick Berg. A suspected safe house of Zarqawi's Monotheism and Jihad group in Fallujah was destroyed Tuesday, the second such strike in several days. Zarqawi has earned his stripes as al Qaeda's most dangerous operator. May we get a chance to knock those stripes off of him in the very near future.

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