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Wednesday, July 14, 2004
A Correction to "Weakness" 

The French woman who claimed she was the victim of an anti-Semitic attack turns out to have fabricated the incident:

"The 23-year-old had initially told police that a gang of six youths had accosted her on a suburban train outside Paris, slashing her clothes and drawing swastikas on her stomach after mistaking her for a Jew.

The first declarations of the young woman reveal that her accusations were lies and that she had been making it all up," the public prosecutor's office said in a statement. The woman admitted to "having made knife cut marks on herself, cut off a lock of her own hair and drawn swastikas on her body," it said.

Doubts had mounted Tuesday over her claim after no one came forward to corroborate the story, despite the fact that she said some 20 people had witnessed the alleged incident. She changed her story Tuesday, too, to say that she and her 13-month-old child had been assaulted outside the train, but finally admitted that she had totally invented the attack, police said.
Duly noted. In an attempt to prove a point, I used the most recent story on an anti-Semitic attack in Europe. While that particular incident turned out to be been false, the post Weakness itself is not invalidated by this error. There are numerous accounts of anti-Semitic crimes in Europe that would just as easily disturb you. I could have used this dated example of brutality and indifference towards Jews in Europe:

Three young neo-Nazis went on trial in east Germany yesterday charged with the "bestial murder" of a schoolboy. The teenager was tortured and killed after his attackers decided that his baggy trousers and dyed blond hair made him "look like a Jew".

The men aged 17, 18 and 24 faced charges on separate counts of causing grievous bodily harm, coercion, attempted murder, and murder by a court in the town of Neuruppin. They are accused of killing Marinus Schoeberl, 17, a white German, whose mutilated body was discovered in a farm silage pit near the isolated village of Potzlow, north of Berlin, last November, four and a half months after his death.

Gerd Schnittcher, the chief state prosecutor, said: "The accused are part of an extreme right-wing scene. Acts of violence are nothing new, but we are dealing with a new dimension here. The details of the murder are so cruel that I can hardly bring myself to describe them. It was bestial."

The court was told how in July last year, Schoeberl had joined a group of young people in a flat in Potzlow where they got drunk. The three neo-Nazis in the group took exception to the boy's dyed hair and trousers. "They saw this as a provocation," state prosecutors said. Schoeberl was punched and kicked by the three who forced him to "confess" that he looked "like a Jew". The boy was taken to another flat in the village and beaten further before being dragged to a derelict pigsty on a deserted farm.

There, the prosecution said, Schoeberl was tortured according to methods shown in the film American History X, in which a neo-Nazi brutally murders two black men. In their confessions yesterday, the accused admitted to kicking Schoeberl's head repeatedly, which was propped up against a stone block.
I apologize for the error.

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