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Friday, July 23, 2004
Indifferent to Terror 

Israel’s fight for a separate peace with the Palestinians met further opposition from the international community. The United Nations General Assembly has passed a non-binding resolution in support of the International Court of Justice’s ruling on the illegality of the security fence. The vote count was 150 for, 6 against, 10 abstentions, with the following nations voting against the anti-Israel resolution: the United States, Australia, Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, Palau and Israel. Not one European nation voted in favor of Israel’s attempts to halt the entry of Palestinian suicide bombings. EU envoy Javier Solana states the humanitarian needs of the Palestinians is as great as the security needs of the Israelis.

"All the European countries support the right of Israel to defend itself, (but) you have to balance the security needs with humanitarian needs" of the Palestinians.
In response, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has declared that the European Union has lost its ability to play an influential part in a future peace process and will continue with building the security fence.

What the Europeans fail to understand is there is no greater humanitarian need than the right to not be indiscriminately murdered while riding the bus, visiting the local pizza shop or restaurant, celebrating a wedding, attending prayer, going to school or a host of other daily activities. The fence has been quite effective with preventing suicide and sniper attacks in Israel. Issues such as land disputes and difficulties getting around the fence are insignificant when Israeli citizens are indiscriminately targeted by terrorists.

After the establishment of Israel in 1948, subsequent United Nations actions in the General Assembly can be easily understood as the Arab block and other nations have a history of anti-Israel policies. Resolutions supporting the Palestinian cause and committees designed to further the goal of the Palestinian return to Israel are numerous while similar conflicts throughout the would are ignored.

Emergency Special Sessions of the United Nations General Assembly are rare. No such session has ever been convened with respect to the Chinese occupation of Tibet, the Indonesian occupation of East Timor, the Syrian occupation of Lebanon, the slaughters in Rwanda, the disappearances in Zaire or the horrors of Bosnia. In fact, during the last 15 years they have been called only to condemn Israel. Whereas Arab states have traditionally used UN fora to demonize and isolate Israel (for example, they routinely attempt to deny Israel its credentials), they now believe they enjoy "Western" support which emboldens them.
The European Union’s support of the Palestinian cause only furthers the violence against Israel and provides much needed aid and comfort to the Palestinian terrorists. It is shocking the Europeans side with Palestinian terrorists over the democratically elected government of Israel. It appears strains of anti-Semitism and moral relativism have co-opted Europe’s foreign policy with respect to Israel.

The international community passes itself off as a moral body and arbiter of international law, but their actions towards Israel clearly demonstrate the indifference and even hatred of Israel’s plight in its war against Palestinian terror. Where is the United Nations and European Union’s condemnation of the Palestinian Authority’s state sponsorship of terror? The resolutions against the Palestinians’ practice of indoctrinating and training their children to hate and murder Israelis? The resolutions condemning attacks on Israeli children? The ideologies of fascism and communism are not too far removed from the memory of Europeans. They should have intimate knowledge of these bankrupt and deadly practices as Europe served as their birthplace and testing grounds. A large majority of the free nations of the world, including all of Europe, is unable to recognize the totalitarian nature of the Palestinian Authority. Or they just don’t care.

Posted by bill roggio @ 12:05 AM