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Wednesday, July 07, 2004
WMD Update - Iraq 

This post is a continuation of the WMD - Past and Present from the beginning of May, which documented what was known at the time of Iraq's Weapon's of Mass Destruction potential and capabilities.

In the past two months, U.S. troops found a sarin shell rigged as a improvised explosive device (IED), the United Nations discovered that Iraq was smuggling WMD components outside of its borders, Charles Deulfer of the Iraq Inspection Group states the U.S. found a dozen chemical weapons, Polish troops found 19 chemical rounds filled with cyclosarin, evidence emerged that Iraq did try to purchase Uranium from Niger and most recently the U.S. moved nuclear material out of Iraq, enough that was capable of being used to build a nuclear weapon (hattip: The Common Virtue).

Yet the media continues to insist the Bush administration's case for Iraq's WMD was seriously flawed. And the Left still claims Bush Lied! about Iraq's possession of WMD. How many finds of chemical weapons and related materials are needed to convince the media and the Left that Iraq possessed them? What is a stockpile? A single warhead? Twelve? Nineteen? How much nuclear, biological, and chemical materials, as well as prohibited missiles, UAVs, labs, factories, components and plans must be found? The facts are not good enough to convince those with the misguided beliefs in the incompetence of the Bush administration and the benevolence of Saddam Hussein and his compliance with the United Nations weapons inspections. The truth slowly trickles out of Iraq; one day either the preponderance of the evidence will be so damning or a major find of WMD will be unearthed, and the media and the Left will no longer be able to ignore the facts. But they will still try: the media by burying the story on the back page and the Left by standing by their outdated "facts".

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