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Friday, August 06, 2004
Whipping it up  

The United Nations agrees with John Kerry, Howard Dean and other Leftists concerning the exaggeration of the threat of Terrorism by certain Western governments.

A United Nations investigator has called on governments to stop whipping up exaggerated fears of terrorism among their populations, in an apparent reference to the United States and Britain.

And in implicit criticism of Russia and China, Greek Lawyer Kalliopi K. Koufa said in a report that the world community should be more alert to a growing trend to label as terrorists groups seeking to exercise the right of self-determination.

Fear of terrorism "out of proportion to its actual risk and generated by states themselves or other actors" can be exploited to make people accept "counter-terrorism measures that unduly curtail human rights and humanitarian law," the report declared on Thursday.

The families of the 3,000-plus victims of the exaggerated threat of terrorism in New York, Washington, DC and Shanksville, PA must be wondering what all of the fuss was about. The United States and Britain have repeatedly been the targets of terrorism. Unlike the United Nations, the governments of the United States and Britain are accountable to their citizens and have an obligation to protect them. This includes warning them about terror activities.

"Fear of terrorism is heightened by repeated and often exaggerated, if not unlikely, references to weapons of mass destruction potentially in the hands of terrorist groups or certain states, even though nearly all terrorist acts have been carried out by traditional methods," she wrote.
The United Nations must be referring to the exaggerated threat of terrorists using WMD, such as the foiled attack planned against the U.S. embassy and Jordanian intelligence services in Amman, Jordan last spring, or attempts by terrorists to use ricin in Europe, or the dirty bomb plot in the United States. Just one big exaggeration.

U.N. diplomats said her phrasing left little doubt she was thinking of
Russia and its war against separatist forces in the rebel region of Chechnya, as well as China which has labelled as "terrorists" its own Moslem rebels in the north-west.
The United Nations is unwilling to recognize the terror links between Chechens and al Qaeda. While there is a legitimate resistance in Chechnya, some of the rebel groups are funded and backed by Wahhabi organizations and are directly linked to al Qaeda. Examples of al Qaeda inspired terror attacks carried out by Chechens are the Moscow theater seizure, replete with female terrorists and their suicide belts, a bombing of a military parade celebrating the defeat of Nazi Germany, which killed the president of Chechnya and dozens of others, and the bombings of apartment buildings throughout the Russian Republic which killed over three hundred.

The United Nations, the American and European Left, Socialists, Marxists and Communists world wide seem to believe terrorism is threat that compares to global warming, fatalities from falls, disease, floods, suicides, homicides and other such incidents. To some, terrorism is not a threat. To others, the real threat is the United States.

The attempt to minimize the threat of terrorism is disconcerting to those that wish to see it destroyed, and for good reason. Some of us recognize that if terrorism becomes a daily routine in American life, the American people will demand that it be put down, by any means necessary. Our war on terror has been tame so far by historical standards, and further mass casualty attacks or the use of WMD will not be tolerated by the American public. Those of us with compassion do not wish to see this war escalate to a point where the use of nuclear weapons becomes a necessity.

This is the major flaw in the thinking of the Leftist intelligencia. While they believe they are acting in a manner to minimize violence, their very inaction may escalate the war to nightmarish proportions. Appeasing your enemies only creates greater violence.

Hat tip to Athena of Terrorism Unveiled for pointing out the article on the U.N. Terrorism Unveiled is an excellent site devoted to the War on Terror and is a daily read for me.

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