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Wednesday, August 04, 2004
Who's Vietnam?  

'Iraq is George Bush's Vietnam' - Senator Edward Kennedy

Ask and you shall receive. Senator Kerry has begun to explain his plan for Iraq, and it ain't pretty. The Associated Press printed a scathing article on Senator Kerry's plan to internationalize the war effort in Iraq, and as discussed in yesterday's post Hope it away, the plan relies on the assumption that the international community to bail America out.

"There is a potential to be able to put a deal together over the course of time," Kerry told The Associated Press in his first interview as the Democratic nominee. "At least, that is the perception that smart people like Joe Biden and, you know, Carl Levin and other leaders who've been there for a long time.

But when asked for hard evidence that his victory would produce a troops-reducing deal for America, neither Kerry nor his fellow senators cite anything other than their vague perceptions and utmost hopes.

"I can't give ou the details of any deal, obviously," Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., said Monday. "You don't negotiate a deal until you have a leader who is there to negotiate a deal."
What deal would a President Kerry cut to attempt to induce France to enter Iraq? A return of some version of UNSCAM? When Senator Levin was pressed for details on any commitments made by foreign leaders, he stated there were none. Hope indeed.

Senator Kerry's has also shed more light on his plan for Iraq, and it can be summarized in two words: run away.
Promising a fresh start with U.S. allies “burned” by President Bush, Kerry said, “I would consider it an unsuccessful policy if I hadn’t brought significant numbers of troops back within the first term. And I will do that.”

“If we demonstrate an America that has a foreign policy that is smarter, more engaged ... and more respectful of the world, we’re going to bring people to our side,” Kerry added. “We’re not only not going to put additional troops there, that’s the way to bring our troops home.”
These statements are telling. Senator Kerry's focus on Iraq appears to be internationalizing the effort to withdraw American troops. Where is the commitment to the freedom of Iraq? Where is the commitment to reforming the Middle East? The only priority seems to be the egress of American soldiers from Iraq, the consequences be damned.

If elected, Iraq will become John Kerry's Vietnam, with its hallmark military, economic and diplomatic withdrawal, the murder, persecution and suffering of millions of peoples committed to fighting tyranny, and humiliation and defeat for America.

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